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Providing Exclusive Development Opportunities to Investors


We handle the details, you reap the rewards.

Investing with Elevation Equity

We collaborate with investors to achieve financial goals through hassle-free real estate development projects

Your Real Estate Investment Journey


At Elevation Equity, our process begins with acquiring land strategically. Leveraging our expert team, we source and secure desirable land at discounted prices, focusing on neighborhoods near transit hubs, employment centers, schools, and hospitals to maximize long-term property appreciation. We then collaborate with builders and professionals to optimize land usage, ensuring the creation of desirable, spacious, and livable homes


In phase two, we meticulously manage the construction process to deliver a high-quality product that exceeds not only our expectations but also those of our future tenants. We prioritize creating homes that resonate with people, ensuring they feel comfortable and satisfied. Throughout this phase, we also focus on finalizing funding and documentation for a seamless transition into the tenant phase. Additionally, we meticulously screen potential tenants through various methods to ensure the selection of high-quality occupants.


In the final stage, we focus on maintenance, diligently upholding the standards of both the building and the tenants' needs. We provide regular reports to our partners, ensuring transparency and confidence in the investment. Our goal is to maintain your hands-off position as an investor while we continue to deliver results, reaping the rewards of our strategic planning and months of hard work for a prosperous future.

Investing with Elevation Equity

Tailored Investment Opportunities

Investing in real estate may seem daunting, but your peace of mind is our priority. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to simplify the process and eliminate stress.

We go the extra mile by meticulously researching each property. Our stringent standards for quality, location, and potential return on investment ensure that you can confidently explore the opportunities we present.

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Who We Are

About Our Company

At Elevation Equity, we're laser-focused on achieving one primary goal: maximizing the return on investment for our properties, which ultimately creates high-yield assets and long-term success for you, our valued investors. Our mission is to become your trusted partners, known for our unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, relentless drive, meticulous attention to detail, and our ability to initiate and complete projects at the highest levels of excellence.

Our distinctive edge lies in the composition of our multifaceted team, featuring our president who concurrently fulfills the role of a First Responder. This diversity exemplifies our unwavering commitment to the fundamental principles of integrity, unwavering dedication, and active engagement in community service. These principles serve as the cornerstone of our approach to every project we undertake.

As your dedicated partners, we're here to provide you with the expertise and collaboration needed to ensure your investment journey isn't just successful but also deeply rewarding.


Contact us today to explore our properties and discover how we can help you achieve your financial aspirations.


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Mitchell Hardington

President, Elevation Equity Corporation

Building Long-Term Partnerships with Every Client

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